What You See is What You Get On the Importance of Branding to Create Your Unique Professional Image...

Branding has become so important that if not done properly, it can easily make or break a new project or business. What’s more, proper branding can help strengthen your gravitas and will definitely give you the upper hand professionally.

Consulting expert Elaine Biech (The Business of Consulting) explains this well as she talks about the importance of presenting yourself in the best light possible. As a professional consultant, Biech stresses the importance of properly “packaging” yourself and your services. In other words, what she stresses is the importance of taking meticulous care of the small details to ensure that you and your services are well represented.

Here is what Biech recommends:

– Make sure all paper communication (letters, thank you notes, brochures, etc.) are done on quality paper;
– Hire a professional editing service;

– Have a professional headshot done;

– Have an expert create a clean, beautiful, and functional website;

– Have a professional write your resume;

– Have a professional create a complete LinkedIn profile;

– Make sure your business cards are done on high quality card stock and offer all relevant information;

– Hire a media consulting group to manage your business’ social media;

– Dress professionally and maintain a polished look;

– Speak well, watch your grammar, and articulate; and

– Keep proper eye contact

Although hiring professionals to write resumes, create websites, and manage social media may seem extravagant, it can cost you more, financially and professionally, not to do so. The tedious task of self-branding should be left to the professionals. In the end, the results will be outstanding, and your image will be polished and professional. Remember this… the amount of time saved by hiring professionals will enable you to focus on your specialized service and stand apart from the others – the most powerful branding of all!


What resources do you use to help you brand your image? 

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