WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? TAKE ACTION! Cross that invisible line and dare to try something new...

You’re sitting on the fence asking yourself – should I go for it? Should I go for that promotion? Should I try a new project? Should I speak up and share my thoughts at the next meeting? Should I approach my boss with this innovative idea? Should I enroll in school and redirect my career?

Understandably, you’re nervous about the prospect of trying something new, and exposing yourself to potential failure. Everything is fine as it is so why would you want to change things? This is not an uncommon response. However, what women need to understand is that according to Joanna Barsh and Suzie Cranston (How Remarkable Women Lead) if we want to make things happen and grow, we must all cross that invisible line and dare to try something new.

What’s more, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman (Confidence Code) explain that by trying something new and putting yourself out there, your confidence will grow and you will feel empowered—and that is a powerful combination.

To get started on your path to taking action, Barsh and Cranston recommend the following:

  1. Changing course takes courage; keep that in mind and adopt a strong mindset. To do this, try visualizing and keeping your words (self talk) positive and empowering;
  2. Engage yourself fully at work (or in life), and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in;
  3. Speak up to be counted—preferably within the first five minutes of a meeting (or be one of the first six people to speak). This counts!;
  4. Learn from your mistakes. It often takes a wrong turn to discover the right path;
  5. When you speak out, you lead and take ownership. This is powerful and builds your gravitas;
  6. To achieve flow and productivity, remove distracting “white noise” from your environment. Time to reflect is paramount and should be protected. Schedule it in; and
  7. Decide and act. Avoid ambivalence at all costs. Research. Decide. Do it.


Every situation is different, and some moments may not be ripe for change. However, these reminders are important to keep in mind as we go through life. Sometimes, opportunities arise and we need to keep an eye out. Knowing the importance of taking action as well as when to take action helps build resilience and confidence.

Your thoughts…

Are you planning a big change in your life? In your career? Do you have the necessary strategies in place to help you navigate these unchartered waters? If so, what strategies work best for you? Please feel free to leave your response in the comment box below.

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