Three Easy Steps to Make More Time for Things You Love Mastering the Art of Re-evaluating, Delegating, and Prioritizing...

A few weeks ago, I was rummaging through some old magazines, and an article caught my eye. It addressed doable actions to gain more precious time—not to be more productive but to have more time to have fun and enjoy what strengthens you.

In essence, the author, Elizabeth Fenner, talked about basic things everyone can do to set aside more time for fun. By respecting three steps, Fenner explained that anyone can carve out more time for themselves and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Step 1: This is critical because it involves moving away from your day-to-day life and taking a closer look at how you spend your day. What eats up most of your time? Keep an activity journal for a week to document where your time is spent and to discover any time-stealing activities. Now for the fun part! Once you’ve documented how you spend your time, make a wish list of three to four things you really want to do. That list will guide your decision-making process throughout the following steps.

Step 2: This is the triage part of the exercise. As you look at your most important tasks, ask yourself which tasks can you delegate or outsource. Even if this adds costs to your monthly budget, you can get creative and cut superfluous spending (like a $5 daily latte at your favorite coffee shop). Cutting back on these splurges to help you with other tasks will be beneficial when you find you have an extra two hours a week to do what you love.

Step 3: Now that you’ve cleared some time and written out a wish list, establish your daily or weekly non-negotiable items. These are the activities that replenish you and uplift you. These are the activities that must be scheduled in your calendar. In other words, you must make a date with yourself to do them! A few examples of strengthening activities are exercising, reading, cooking, painting, writing, or spending time with friends. Find what you love, and block some time to do it. Pay yourself first!

Your thoughts:

Do have any tips or strategies that might help others carve out more time to do the activities they love?



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