Think Up! A New Addition to the Woman's Self-Leadership Toolkit

There’s a lot of talk these days about mindfulness and the importance of stepping away from our frenetic fast-paced lives to breathe and calm our minds. For most of us, our minds start racing as soon as we step out of bed; the to-do list starts growing, and the day becomes a big haze of confusion, meetings, and responsibilities. Unfortunately, this reality is not going away! So, what to do then? I introduced the Women’s Self-Leadership Toolkit a few weeks ago and the many great resources found in it. I also mentioned that I would be adding to the toolkit regularly. Well, here’s my first addition—the Think Up positive affirmation application.

Think Up is an app found on iTunes ($20). In effect, it’s is a mindfulness application that can be downloaded to your smartphone and accessed anytime—no Wi-Fi needed. It displays hundreds of positive affirmations for you to record in your own voice (which is key) to listen to regularly (preferably daily).

Think Up allows you to record your own affirmations as
well and to choose your own inspiring background music. Lastly, you can opt to shuffle the affirmations to keep them varied.

As highlighted by Shawn Achor in his bestselling book The Happiness Advantage, in adopting a daily practice of reprogramming our minds (in this case with positive affirmations) we are also programming our minds to accept success, inner peace and well-being since we are intentionally focusing on these things. Achor calls this the Tetris effect. What’s more, Megan Dalla-Camina (Getting Real About Having it All) also clarifies that as you focus on your positive affirmations, you are actively stopping the downward spiral of negativity. The more this happens, the more you shift your mindset and the better you feel, and as Achor’s research demonstrates, the better we feel, the more success comes our way!

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