The Balancing Act Maintaining balance as you journey on toward your ultimate goal.

As I move forward on this doctoral journey, I stop to contemplate my accomplishments and the lessons I have learned. Since October, I have discovered various research designs and approaches, I have made some wonderful friendships, I have met some riveting professors, and most importantly, I have learned about the importance of attaining and maintaining balance in my life.

This last point is of great importance to me and is the topic of this week`s post.

I have always compared the doctoral program to running a marathon. In my eyes, both are extremely gruelling, and both require mastering a powerful mindset. For me, achieving balance requires the latter.

Today, my focus is much clearer, and I value every minute I have that is not necessarily focused on the doctorate. I value balance and simple pleasures, which in return, makes me a better student, wife and mother.

Granted, there are times in life when balance is difficult to achieve. Circumstances and life intervene and set us off course. That is life after all. Ultimately, what matters is striving for balance when possible.

What I have discovered during this last year is this: If I do not set limits and boundaries for myself, the doctorate will take over my life. Is this what I want? Of course not, but at least I acknowledge it, and I have learned this early on in the game.

Of course, this scenario is not limited to doctoral students, in fact, many women have stated in recent studies that  if they do not set limits at work; work and other projects seep into their lives and take over everything that is meaningful (Williams, 2014).

When I complete my doctorate, I want to share the moment with my husband, daughter, close family members and dear friends. Since there will be a void, I also want to go back to a life that has remained balanced and full.  In essence, I want to ensure that this journey does not take over my life but enhances it.

My wish for all of you, is to keep in mind the art of maintaining balance as you journey on toward your ultimate goal. 


  • Very inspiring messages. Best of luck on this wonderful journey my friend.

    • Thank you so much Kim! Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for our initial meeting, I wouldn’t necessarily be on this journey 😉

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