Ten Books That Will Empower, Inspire and Transform Your Life How the power of the written word is still the best path to self-cultivation & internal growth.

This week’s post is special because it allows me to share with you a selection of books that have changed my life! They are full of great advice, strategies, wisdom, and insight. 

I hope they become part of your library as well!  

1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Robin Sharma)

This book started it all for me. It has a touching story line that helps drive home Sharma’s message of developing a productive life through self-cultivation and continuous learning. Read this book  one chapter at a time to really absorb and put into practice Sharma’s strategies. This is one of the best life-improvement books I have ever read!

2. Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

Hill is the original self-help/inspirational/life-improvement guru. His work has been around since the first half of the 20th century, and addresses everything featured in today’s self-help books such as neuroplasticity, career planning, decision-making, the power of autosuggestion, and the importance of specialized knowledge. This lengthy work is the product of 25 years of research and interviews with the world’s most powerful and influential people. It will undoubtedly change your life.

3. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (Simon Sinek)

Thanks to this book, I now start every project or endeavor with one question: why? What is my purpose, and why am I doing this? Sinek’s message drives home this important point, and demystifies the critical elements responsible for failure and lack of follow-through on the part of consumers. He deftly explains the secret of Apple’s success and the reasons people are adverse to certain companies. He explains the secret to followership, and powerful ways true leaders inspire change. An incredible read!

4. Creativity, Inc. (Ed Catmull)

This is by far the most refreshing and inspiring leadership book I have read! Catmull, the president of Pixar and Disney Animation, has put together a work of art with his leadership book. In this work, Catmull explains in detail the processes and procedures employed in the Pixar animation studio and how, through innovative leadership, employees and management have created a rich working environment. After reading this book, you will not only have a fresh take on inspirational leadership, but you will also have a better appreciation for Pixar and Disney’s fabulous movies.

5. Mindset (Carol Dweck)

Another powerful read. Dr. Dweck clearly outlines the benefits of adopting a growth mindset in all aspects of your life. She presents real-life scenarios that compare fixed-mindset people to growth-mindset people. The positive outcomes for the growth-mindset people are extraordinary. Dweck presents her work through concrete scientific research. Furthermore, she gives powerful examples from all areas of life: relationship, business, sports, and academics.



6. Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg)

If you have watched the introductory video of this website (about Daphne), you know just how important Sheryl Sandberg is to me. Her book has deeply influenced me in studying women’s leadership issues as my life’s work. This book is critical not only to women, but also to men to gain a better appreciation of today’s professional environments and how they are often detrimental to women’s advancements. Furthermore, Sandberg goes into detail on how women can lean in to take charge of their future and careers. It is empowering and motivating. I believe this book is responsible for starting a new movement on women’s leadership issues.

7. How Remarkable Women Lead (Joanna Barsh)

This is a truly inspirational book depicting various influential women and how they have led powerful companies and private ventures. Barsh put together a book that offers sound advice to women on important personal and professional issues. The theme of the book focuses on what Barsh calls “centered leadership”. Each chapter addresses one of the five elements related to centered leadership such as framing, connecting, meaning, engaging, and energizing. These elements are explained through the professional experiences of wonderful women leaders.

8. Confidence Code (Katty Kay & Claire Shipman)

This is such a fun and interesting read! Backed by scientific research and thorough investigation, Kay and Shipman have unlocked the genetic code related to confidence building. Here’s a hint: face your fears and gain confidence by doing and trying. This book is filled with insightful information every woman should know. It also highlights how women are programmed as young girls to be fearful and not “rock the boat”. It is truly an eye-opening read!

9. Executive Presence (Sylvia Ann Hewlett)

I loved this book! Dr. Hewlett presents an in-depth look at gravitas – the ability to get people to follow you and be naturally drawn to your presence. Since reading Hewlett’s work, I have applied her concepts to my professional life and seen amazing results. She skillfully guides women’s professional development by addressing issues related to communication, feedback, walking the “tightrope”, appearance, and authenticity.

10. I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This (Kate White)

This is a refreshing take on how to start a career, lead, and shine! Kate White, the former editor of Cosmo magazine, addresses important issues related to starting a career on the right foot and making a name for yourself. It is a true confidence boost and a great how-to manual for getting what you want out of your career. Every aspiring professional woman should own a copy. After reading it, you will be inspired to go big or go home, and dive into new and exciting challenges!

Of course, there are many other wonderful books out there. These are only a few of my favorites. Reading great books not only informs you, but is also a powerful way to boost your energy!

As a final thought, I’d like to leave you with this. Books inspire people to try new things, they expose them to possibilities, and open doors to exciting paths.

Your thoughts…

What books do you have in your library that have inspired you? I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share your response in the comment box below!


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