Nine Inspiring Resources to Help Parents Empower Their Daughters How Girl Power Is Finding Its Way into Toys, Books, and Videos...

I’m always on the hunt for great resources that will not only empower my daughter, but feed her mind as well. Lately, I’ve come across some pretty great finds! Here is a short list of my favorites…


1. ROOMINATE building set. This wonderful toy encourages girls to construct their own playhouses. Designed with bright colors, the Roominate building sets come in different sizes and themes, let girls deviate from the set plan, incorporate electronic features for motion, and can be turned on by smartphones through an online application. This is a fabulous and highly creative STEM find.

2. MARIE CURIE DOLL – MISS Possible. This doll provides young girls with access to female scientists and inventors. The first model, Marie Curie, is a miniature version of the adult scientist. There are more on the way, but for now, the designers have focused on this one example to help girls dream big. The next dolls on the way: computer programmer Ada Lovelace, and the first female African-American pilot, Bessie Coleman.


3.GIRL POWER: A fabulous collection of short, five-minute stories that empower young girls to be brave, confident, and fun. Say goodbye to traditional girly princesses and hello to karate-chopping, skateboard-riding, damsel-not-in-distress.

4. ISABELLA, GIRL ON THE GO: Isabella is a highly imaginative young world traveler. In her backyard, she envisions and experiences the marvels of Paris, China, London, and New York (to name a few). In the end, home is truly where the heart is!

5.ROSIE REVERE ENGINEERE: A great story about the courage to pursue your passion at a young age and to keep going even when things aren’t perfect. This is a charming book that even adults can enjoy.

6. THE WATCHER: Jane Goodall’s biography has been adapted for children. It is beautifully illustrated and depicts young Jane as a curious girl. The book also presents an interesting storyline of how Goodall came to study chimpanzees as well as how she became a strong advocate for protecting them and their natural habitats.


Although book versions of these videos are also available, I wanted to offer some of the best children’s videos I found. It’s nice for children to see their favorite characters come to life on screen—especially when these animated personalities present strong, intelligent, and curious traits in their girls.

7. DOC MCSTUFFINS: This highly popular show presents a young African-American girl as a doctor for toys and stuffed animals. She is kind, helpful, optimistic, and always ready to present her latest diagnosis. Doc’s mother is a medical doctor while her dad stays at home, cooking, cleaning, and tending to the children.

8. OCTONAUTS: This is an intelligent and insightful show that offers children a rich vocabulary. The two female characters play a critical role in the series and as team members. Tweak the bunny is the head engineer responsible for building, repairing, and maintaining all of the Octonauts’ ships (or “Gups,” as they call them). Dashi the dog is the ship’s information technology officer. Both female characters are smart, eloquent, assertive, kind, and great role models for young girls.

9. OLIVIA: Another great video series bringing the fabulous Olivia the Pig to life! Olivia is highly creative, positive, and not afraid to assert herself. She is not characterized as a cutesy girl, but as an adventurous girl who enjoys playing with boys as much as girls and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.


What great girl-empowering resources have you found lately? 



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