Harnessing the Power of Positive Affirmations Rewiring your mind for success...

“Affirmations take our thoughts to a more protective and powerful place. By affirming good, by affirming daily gratitude, you, yourself will find more peace from giving your thoughts a break from the worry cycle.”
Machel Shull

This past year, I discovered the benefits of positive affirmations. I`ve always known that this practice was beneficial in some way or another but this year, I actually saw the results in my own life.

It all started when I decided to invest in the Think Up app. I remember walking one morning and listening to my newly-recorded affirmations. I instantly felt energized and uplifted. I also felt during that moment that my mind was being fed a healthy diet of positivity. What`s more, by exercising at the same time, I was boosting the positive effects, as observed by Dr. Wendy Suzuki in her fabulous book Healthy Mind, Happy Life.

I`ve always subscribed to the notion that our minds are akin to a beautiful garden. We MUST guard what we put into them. Just like a garden that requires sunlight, water, and care, our minds are nurtured by positive thoughts, positive talk, and education.

For me, the best times for positive affirmations are first thing in the morning (preferably during your Morning Power Hour) and at night before going to bed. Morning affirmations prime your mind as you’re waking up to be alert to the signs that come your way and that ALIGN with your goals and aspirations. Repeating them just before going to bed ends your day with positive thoughts and leaves them working their magic through the night.

However, it`s also important to note that you need to do more than just read your affirmations. For them to be truly powerful, you also need to believe in them and feel their intensity. Hearing them stated out loud can conjure up a physical reaction of hope, anticipation, joy, and excitement about what lies ahead for you. In other words, you need to get goosebumps and see those affirmations in your mind`s eye. THAT`s what makes them so powerful!

In adopting a daily practice of mindfully saying your affirmations, you`ll notice something quite extraordinary happening. All of a sudden, wonderful opportunities will present themselves that actually ALIGN with your thoughts, vision, values, and affirmations! When that happens, you`ll have two options. You can ACT right away while the inspiration is still with you, or you can write down the thought so you can act on it shortly. Either way, it`s important to ACT! If you don’t, you won`t be tapping into the full power of your daily affirmations.

Positive affirmations are a simple yet powerful way of nudging the universe to align the stars for you. I know because this is what has happened to me and is still happening to me to this day. It only takes a few minutes and will yield incredible results. You owe yourself that much!

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