Gravitas! Competence, specialized knowledge, and the ability to communicate and present oneself...

Have you ever noticed how some people have a way of making you feel at ease? You know instinctively that you are in good hands.

Why is that? What do these people do or say that reassures you? According to economist Dr. Sylvia-Ann Hewlett, one word summarizes this: gravitas.

Now, if you are not familiar with gravitas, it’s time you get to know to it well. In fact, the word gravitas should be in every professional woman’s vocabulary and in the back of her mind as she proceeds in her career. Hewlett goes into greater detail explaining gravitas. During an extensive study conducted with 268 senior executives, Hewlett  discovered that 67% of CEOs interviewed preferred, above all else, employees that demonstrated gravitas. In other words, Hewlett’s research indicated that executives favour confident employees who are competent in their field and who can delve deeper into their topics, if necessary, to get their point across.

Hewlett also explains that competence, specialized knowledge, and the ability to communicate and present oneself well are key elements to achieving gravitas.  Ultimately, employers want someone who will stand tall, defend her point of view with credible sources and insight, and go to the wall to move her team toward progress and innovation. They want a leader who will naturally draw a productive entourage.

Step Up Gravitas


As you move forward in your career, keep gravitas in mind and remember the basics:

o Focus on what you know

o Display confidence at all times

o Communicate clearly and efficiently

o Polish your appearance


Gravitas is an ongoing process—enjoy it!

Your thoughts…

In your opinion, what gives someone credibility? What makes you want to “follow” someone and be inspired by her? Is it something you see? Is it something you feel? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below!


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