Goal Frustration Don't try and complete it by multi-tasking your way through it...

This is a quick post on the effects of the goal frustration many women face in their daily lives.

Have you ever embarked on a meaningful project only to find that time is not on your side? You eventually find ways around it, but only after feeling frustrated and drained. All you want is 20 minutes of personal time to focus. You crave some time to be productive and get the job done.

At the moment, I have an image of myself at the computer, pounding out an assignment due in a few days, only to hear my daughter crying my name because she is looking for a certain toy.

I struggle with time, like everyone, and I often ask myself: when will I get this done? After much thought, I have come up with a personal theory.

Compartmentalize. Focus on one thing at a time.

Simply put, when a project is important, don’t try and complete it by multi-tasking your way through it. You will only feel frustrated and exhausted. You will also feel that the work you complete is mediocre.

Instead, set aside time (preferably when you feel most awake—if not, get the coffee) and focus solely on what matters. In other words, be fully present in what you are doing.

I have found that by adopting this philosophy, the quality of my work has improved, and my goal frustration has diminished.

Any thoughts?

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