Canadian Tire: antiquated or sexist? Either way, neither one is good...

After four attempts to contact a marketing executive from Canadian Tire’s corporate office, I decided to launch an official complaint by writing an open letter to Canadian Tire’s corporate executives.

In the fall of 2014, I called twice to complain about offending gender-stereotyped images. I noticed in July 2015 that the images were still posted in the store, so I decided to call as well as write an email to Canadian Tire, once again voicing my opinion.

I have yet to speak to a marketing representative about this issue.

In my open letter, I voiced my concerns regarding Canadian Tire’s choice of posters in their kitchen and cleaning departments depicting mothers and daughters happily working in the kitchen and cleaning the house.

I also respectfully requested that Canadian Tire executives remove the stereotyped images as well as review their marketing strategies to better reflect modern family values.

image (2)
Happy housewife teaching well dressed girls how to make a salad!
Make sure you only portray WOMEN doing housework, because men and boys are busy doing male things!


Because women just LOVE to vacuum!
Dear Canadian Tire, It’s not 1965 anymore…

Open letter to Canadian Tire Corporate Office / Marketing Division

In the Fall of 2014, I visited my local Canadian Tire Store and noticed a collection of sadly

outdated photos of women with their daughters happily doing housework.

I was understandably shocked that a large Canadian company would willingly represent

women and young girls in this light. Furthermore, the fact that no men or boys were

included in the photos demonstrated a great lack of respect and insight into the realities

of modern families.

I addressed the issue with store management. They told me their hands were tied since

the posters were part of Canadian Tire’s National marketing strategy. I was referred to

Canadian Tire’s corporate office where I could voice my complaint formally. I did so on

four occasions.

In July 2015, I visited the Canadian Tire store, and nothing had changed. I was

disheartened to see the same stereotypical images still displayed for all to see.

The issue I have with this marketing is the underlying message it is sending to our

society. These photos are a throwback to the 1950’s. Now that we are firmly grounded

in the 21st century, it is time Canadian Tire’s philosophy catches up with the progress in

gender equality. As a national store brand, Canadian Tire has a duty to be responsible

with their advertising and to rethink how they portray family roles and responsibilities.

These outdated images seep into the subconscious of our society, thereby perpetuating

gender role stereotypes – the same stereotypes that so many of us are trying to

overcome for ourselves and for our children.

Canadians are often applauded and respected for their progressive values, and it is time

that Canadian Tire aligns its marketing vision to properly reflect point of pride.

I respectfully request Canadian Tire’s corporate marketing department to take down the

offensive posters, review its advertising and marketing strategy and adapt it according

to society’s reality – a progressive community.

Daphne Wallbridge


  • Hi daphne, I wanted to thank you for taking matters into your own hands. Most people go by every day without noticing all those subliminal messages. Not only you noticed, but you are taking action to remove those sexist outdated adds, so from me and my daughter’s I want to thank you! I’m not a marketing expert but maybe adding an hashtag might help spread the word out even more.

    • Thank you Kimberley for your encouraging words! I will add a hashtag – great idea!

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