8 Tools that Keep Me Sane and Productive Each Day How Key Tools Can Become Little Treasures of Mindfulness and Productivity...

Recently, I was thinking about how my daily routine has become so streamlined that it sometimes feels like it’s on autopilot—except, of course, when life inevitably happens! Nonetheless, I find that dealing with life’s challenges and running my day has become easier due to certain tools I keep nearby. These 8 tools are my daily go-tos to help me stay focused, energized, healthy, productive and mindful. I hope they are as beneficial to you as they are to me!

The Fitbit: I’ve talked about the famous Fitbit before in my Women’s Self-Leadership Toolkit, and I’m going to do so again! This little gizmo is responsible for keeping me on my feet—literally! I have a daily goal of 13,000 steps and when that wristband buzzes, I’m thrilled! It’s a simple thing but becomes a game after a while, and the best part is that I am staying in tip-top shape without having to sacrifice tons of time at the gym! Another added bonus is that I’ve recently started programming my device to buzz strategically throughout the day to remind me to get up and walk around! Benefits? I talk to more people during the day, I feel energized when I normally feel groggy (after lunch), and I get more steps in, of course!

Headspace: This is a fabulous meditation app, and offers a free 10-day trial for those interested. The coach’s voice is soothing and very  easy to listen to. The design of the app is fresh and clean and there are great little animations to help drive home various important messages. Another added bonus is that there is even a kid’s meditation section parents can do with their children! And, it is also geared toward various age groups so every mediation practice is appropriate!

Calm: This meditation app has guided meditations, but also has a visual breathing monitor to help you stay mindful and control your breathing. There are also beautiful nature sounds you can play to help  you get into a zone. I enjoy listening to Calm during the day when I need to focus and de-stress. Colleagues come into my office wondering why they are hearing crickets and birds!

Journal: Journaling, whether on paper or in a virtual diary, is very therapeutic and helps you empty out the “mind trash” that is clogging up your thoughts and taking up precious energy. Journaling in the morning is highly recommended, as we are still waking up from our night’s sleep. This helps us clear our minds for the day and increases our ability to focus.

Evernote: I’ve only recently discovered Evernote and would not go without it! This free online tool (there are premium packages available for purchase) is my one-stop-shop for jotting down ideas, clipping notes from the web, and basically organizing my life! I put everything in here, from blog post ideas, to goals, to various to-do lists. The possibilities are endless, and what’s more, Evernote syncs to your devices, making it simple and practical to use anywhere!

Mindmap: This is a simple but effective mapping tool to organize ideas for projects. I can start fleshing out my ideas for books, programs, etc., and when I am done I can print them out and physically work with them. I can also upload them to my Evernote account for easy referencing.

Audible: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Audible! If it were not for my audiobooks, I would not be able to “read” as many books as I do. I listen to books both while exercising and puttering around the house, and this app has allowed me to truly flourish and learn so many valuable lessons! Audible has a great monthly program which gets you one free audiobook a month and 30% off all audiobooks at all times! This is by far my best tool!

iPhone: My iPhone has recently become my “portable office.” This is where I store my apps, of course, but it also allows me to access other tools such as dictation, notes and e-courses to further keep me organized and on my feet. The uses and possibilities are really endless, and I see my iPhone more as an assistant and learning tool than a mere phone. Used properly, it can truly enhance your life.

There you have it! These are the daily gems I rely on to stay on track and document important information. There are so many other great tools out there, and something new and exciting is always around the corner! We simply need to keep our eyes peeled and minds open!


What tools could you not live without?

What are your daily go-tos?

I would love to get your thoughts on this! Please feel free to leave a comment in the reply box below!


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  • Love your list Daphne… perhaps because I also use many of the same tools 🙂 I will definitely be checking out Audible and Calm now, thanks for the tip! I also use a Bullet Journal, mostly because I love paper–the “BuJo” has changed my life. I also like the Streaks app (for Android) to help me keep track of new habits I want to establish.

    • Thank you for these great tools, I will be checking them out today! And thank you responding!

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