3 Empowering Books Every Little Girl Should Read: Goodbye Princess, Hello Inventor, Creator, and Scientist!

I’m always on the lookout for great books that not only inspire but have a positive lasting impression on our children, particularly our daughters. I’ve found the three following books to be just that!

These great finds allow our daughters to see themselves as strong, independent inventors and creators. They are without a doubt, a great addition to any child`s library!
1. Strong Is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves (ages 8 to teen): This is a beautiful book filled with images of young girls being themselves – whether it be playing sports, dancing, creating, or inventing. Each page is personalized with the child’s personal thoughts. Although this book seems more appropriate for slightly older girls (and boys), younger children can also appreciate it if it is properly presented by an adult. I know that my six-year-old daughter particularly liked certain photos that resonated with her. We focused on that and took it from there. The book is also a great conversation starter parents can use to get a better understanding of how their child sees the world.

2. Ada Twist, Scientist (ages 5 to 10): From the author of Rosie Revere, Engineer, this beautiful book presents a young girl who is passionate about discovering her world and questioning everything! She loves numbers and formulas and makes it her mission to question the status quo. It even teaches parents a valuable lesson at the end. A fun and energizing read for the whole family!



3. The Most Magnificent Thing (ages 5 to 10): Grit, perseverance, creativity – it`s all in there. The story of a little girl and her dog on a mission to invent the perfect contraption. When all seems to fail, she is encouraged to take a step back, breath, and regroup; that’s a great life lesson not only for children but adults as well!


Books are a wonderful way of connecting with our children, particularly at the end of a long day when we have been so busy multi-tasking and hunched over our electronic devices. These great finds will not only allow you and your child to bond, they will also send out powerful messages of hope and possibility. What better to send them off to dreamland?

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